• 15,000 sq ft
  • fully licensed
  • fully insured
  • locally owned & operated

About Us

Samco Restaurant Equipment Inc. , is a family owned restaurant equipment & smallwares supplies store with over 45 years experience. We accommodate many different types of businesses such as; lounges, bars, concession stands, pizza, fast food, fine dining, churches and schools. Samco is your one-stop shop for all your equipment needs with a large showroom of new and pre-owned restaurant equipment and smallwares. We service the Chicagoland area and all surrounding suburbs, including northwest Indiana. We are well known for our quality equipment and great customer service. Thank you for your business.

President/ Owner

Victoria has been involved in the food industry for over 5 years and started with Samco in April of 2013. Her years of customer service has made her into the personable sales associate she is today. Victoria is constantly looking to expand her knowledge with new and exisiting customers and hopes to continue with Samco for many years to come.

Technical Advisor

John has been in the Restaurant Industry for 30 years and is an influential contributor to Samco. He is involved in service, sales, technicals and installation and his skills and attributions help with our day-to-day sales. He is a strong businessman and proud father who is well known in the restaurant industry due to his continuous dedication and hard work for the past 30 years.

Office and Sales Manager

Crissy joined Samco Restaurant Equipment in 2006. She has been in the restaurant industry for over 18 years and has been serving customers on a repeated basis with her expansive knowledge and expertise ever since. Crissy has sold equipment to and furnished complete restaurants, some of which include Hearty Boys, Demon Dawgs, Fountainhead, Hearty Café, Durbins, Aurelio's Pizza, Haymarket Brewery and, many more. She has been involved in every aspect of the business from selling and buying equipment to onsite installations, as well as making deliveries. Crissy's hardworking and passionate energy can bring new life to a restaurant by making your ideas become reality with her personal touch.


Rosalia has been a part of Samco since the doors first opened and she successfully contributes to her family's business. Starting off from a simple receptionist position, she has worked her way up to now being a sales associate. With hopes of one day taking on her family's company, her contributions are greatly appreciated and recognized in the work place and by customers.

MWBE Affiliate

What is MWBE?

MWBE is an organization whose mission is to better prepare Minortiy & Women Business Enterprises to aggressively seek and win public and private sector business opportunity. We support MWBE.